Our Team

We believe that the future of work will be based on people that love what they do, and with positive energy to aboard different challenges. Teamwork is crucial, in Acroventus such as in our clients. We use agile methodologies and multidisciplinary teams to co-create innovative solutions, using software such as principal tool.

We propose to be a contribution to society, generating impact through our work — the interaction and collaboration with our customers and partners it's crucial to contribute to the success of their projects.

We resolve each challenge with all our energy and urgency sense. Our clients are first because we consider the different points of view to find the best solution. The Acroventus Culture is focused on enjoying everything that we do, based on the collaboration, teamwork, and respect. Discipline and excellence in the project execution are combined with recreative moments, that make a special workspace. With that, we develop and reach the maximum individual and team potential.
As a team, we use the agile methodology as the main tool to control and manage projects and tasks. Individually, each team member commits to deliver their best, to execute and manage their daily goals, in a positive and resolution-oriented spirit. This is part of Acroventus DNA and our excellence-oriented culture, which has allowed us to deliver services to clients in Chile and abroad with demanding levels of compliance.
A "Cell" is a work team composed of professionals with diverse levels of experience and technological specialization. The team works with homework assignments and a daily review of objectives. This same team is the one that will make the estimates of the tasks of each sprint in each planning meeting with the Client. Our Projects can be developed in 2 work formats according to each case: 1.- Acroventus cell towards a particular customer area. 2.- Acroventus cell towards a client area, working in collaboration with a client software development cell, testing the agility in the correct coordination of tasks and objectives, to collaborate in favor of a better solution. In general, the stages of a software project are: At this stage, we focus on understanding the problem that the client wants to solve. For this, there are some days of Acroventus-Client teamwork sessions, in which progress is made, from the divergence of possible solutions to defining a mockup for a Minimum Viable Product. A list of activities is established according to the client, which completes what is proposed in the mock-up stage and prioritizes those that will be addressed in the Sprint. At the end of the Sprint 1 development period, there will be a meeting to review the objectives achieved, and the next 2-week Sprint will be planned. The "development cell" and the client team participate in milestones meetings. A quantity of "Sprint" is defined to cover the "Backlog" in its entirety. The "Sprints" can be 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the "Backlog" and the development process. The quality control team (QA) is constantly testing the advances and functionalities required. After completing the number of minimum development periods to generate a first version of the system or Release, a test of the different cases of use of the application is generated where the QA team will guarantee that there are no errors in the application or scopes not covered towards the potential users. In the future, new versions of the software will be made that will include other functionalities necessary for the business, which will be developed in the same format indicated in point 2.
With 3M USA, we have worked for more than three years on a global project, which had the inter-cell format as a challenge, with internal and external client collaborators. The intercell format contemplates the collaborative work of an Acroventus software development cell in coordination with one or more client software development cells, with the aim of generating a product. The cells are dedicated to working in different complementary modules, and the maximum challenge is in the collaboration and coordination of inter-cell efforts to achieve the objectives of each sprint, defined by the client's business area. With Komatsu Mining, we are collaborating with various software solutions that allow streamlining processes in your operation with large mining clients. To address the challenges, we have chosen the necessary work team and technologies, to ensure success in the implementation, supporting its digital transformation process. For REDD, we collaborate in the development of various software modules relevant to your business. For this, joint work with its area of ​​software development and operations has been key. Thanks to the use of agile methodology, it is possible to work in an intercell format and create new products enhanced by the experience of the members of both teams. Thanks to our experience in the development of digital signage software, today, we are creating new modules, and we are the development area of ​​Rhino Media, adding value to your product through a dedicated cell, and of course, using agile methodology to take each stage of the project. In 3M Chile, we have developed, for more than eight years, various software projects always marked by the innovation seal. We form teams according to the technologies necessary to address the proposed challenge. The CIC Multi-Platform system allows you to organize an event, register attendees, and they can evaluate it and give feedback on each presentation, so you can obtain metrics to manage better and save time. The system has been implemented in the innovation center of 3M Chile, to cover the various courses and talks, which each division performs. InnClass is a platform that allows more effective interaction between a postgraduate program and its students and teachers. Available for IOS and Android, it allows us to give feedback to the classes, register the attendance, learn more details of the groupmates, as well as a direct channel (through messages) with the administration of the postgraduate program. The “Cathode Labeling System” allows you to trace the different stages of the copper production, classification, and dispatch process. We form a development team tailored to this challenge to address it. From 2012 to date, the system has worked continuously, generating various levels of reportability about the process and also integrating with other corporate platforms.
Acroventus culture is positive, diverse, collaborative, and innovative. We value talented people who love what they do. That is why we deliver space and challenges according to the development of creativity and professional growth. If you are interested in being part of our team, send us your CV and tell us your motivation. Write to us at [email protected]

If you are interested in being part of our team, send us your CV and tell us your motivation. Write to us at: postulacion[@]acroventus.com


Some of our interns talk about their passage through Acroventus. "I love the work environment and the challenges that have been entrusted to me. I have had great professional growth in a short and demanding period, developing various skills such as innovation and mainly teamwork."
José Tello, Intern 2018, Civil Computer Engineering, UTFSM. "Working at Acroventus has been an enriching experience. I was able to contribute to real projects and feel part of a highly professional team and learn from them."
Gabriel Pezoa, Intern 2019, Civil Computer Engineering, UTFSM. Working at Acroventus has been a great work and personal experience. I met great people and professionals. The agile methodology applied on a daily basis, aimed at fulfilling more immediate objectives, kept me focused, and the pleasant atmosphere allowed me to enjoy every day to the fullest.".
Tomás González, Intern 2019, Civil Computer Engineering, UTFSM.